Harlan County

Date: 7.9.2010
Website: N/A
Location: Harlan, Kentucky

  • Harlan County, Kentucky

I was so afraid of carnage back then!

Not too much to say about this trip. It was my first big trip in the tank and was really the reason I rushed to get my sliders and locker  done and installed.

Quick history: My family is from Harlan so a few times a year on quads we would have big trips down there and we would all camp and ride. There’s now a state park called the Henlsey Settlement which is where my family was born and raised. My great grandmother(step dad’s side) was the last up there on the settlement before the state bought it and everyone had to leave. If  you’re ever in Harlan it is pretty neat to go see. My mother and step father even got married there.

The trip was a blast. It was my girlfriend(at the time) and I for about 4 days. You even get to see my ghetto tent I rocked for a while. Ghetto as it may, it worked. I could open the back window and leave the truck running for AC. Was that smart because of CO2? Probably not but I’m still here to talk about it.