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I almost couldn’t wait to get out and tear something up but I wanted to do my best to minimize body damage, especially on something that isn’t easily repaired or fixed; the cab.

Everyone should have sliders on their offroad vehicle. Even on street-only vehicles they can be useful.

Mine came from 4xinnovations¬†and I haven’t had any issues at all. Had my cousin help weld them up with their gussets and then I was ready to hit the trail. Just so happens the first trip with the sliders was also a big one.. ( harlan wheeling link)

Next up to help get around the trails was a lunchbox locker from lockrite. These are drop in lockers which means there’s minimal to do to install; practically open the diff, remove gears, and drop in the new carrier.
When torque is applied to the axle the locker is locked and turning both axles. When no torque is applied, the locker is open as if in neutral.

I wouldn’t recommend these any more as I went through I believe 3 of these. I’ve attached pics for your viewing pleasure.

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