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On July 4th, 2009 my parents and this ambitious 19 year old set out to find a new truck to replace my car. I needed something to haul my four wheeler as I was starting to take it to more and more off-road parks.

I had previously been looking for weeks online everywhere I could think of. We set out one weekend and went almost everywhere in a 200 mile radius that we thought would have a Tacoma. All of the major outlets was a letdown and I was nearing the end of the Auto Trader list. At the end of the day I just happened to refresh the list to find one newly listed 2002 Tacoma SR5 2.7l Extended Cab 4wd 5spd with 120k miles. It also had the rare($1400+ from what I’ve read) factory option for O.Z. Racing wheels. PERFECT! 

It was an hour further out of the way, and the opposite way of home but we called the car lot and told them we were coming to get the truck so they would stay open. This thing was so clean. Not a scratch anywhere on this truck and it had side steps. I immediately knew this was the one I was driving home today.

Tank, this is where your journey begins;

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