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I’m somewhat of a lighting fanatic.. I’ve always been one to make sure I could see what I needed to at night. My truck was going to be my 5th retrofit and at the time of planning this retro the Porsche bi-xenon projectors were one of the widest on the market but their set back is their size. I would have loved to have fit 2 projectors per headlight but there was no way that was going to happen. After fitting the projectors, I vacuum formed my own shrouds to make it look a little more OEM than the typical bug eye retro’s that are out there.

These are bi-xenon which means they have both hi and low beams. I wanted an OEM look and not the blue that every for some reason wants – philips 85122 4300k bulbs. At 25ft away and sitting on 33″ wheels as in the pic, the top cut off is a perfect 37.5″ from the ground.

I also made a new grill. It was to mimic the grillcraft grills that were way overpriced. It wasn’t an exact match, but it was enough that I was okay with it for now.

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