In the Tacoma world a cold air intake doesn’t do much as far as performance for us. Instead we have a much cheaper and proven more efficient mod we call the deckplate mod. It consists of using a deckplate made for a boat and installing it on the front of our air box right behind the headlight.

Cost $20.

IMAGE_063 (1)

Will water get in there? yes. Will it hurt anything? no. If i’m going to go through deep waters I’ll usually throw in the cap anyways to block it off. It also adds a nice little growl.

I still wanted the Tank to stand out a little more but I wasn’t a fan of debadging and sure as heck didn’t like chrome. I had never seen anyone else do this and I still believe the Tank was the only one have to have it done – cool!

I also used rhino liner spray on the front and back chrome pieces on the bumper.