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On my way home I was turning around in a Wal-Mart parking lot when I noticed this giant beast of a vehicle. My first thought was “UNIMOG!”.. but I was wrong.

Now, I love unimogs. I’ve wanted to build one for years and anyone that knows me knows I love overland and expedition builds. My truck was almost built to be expedition ready before I decided to build an expo trailer(the blog entry will eventually come on that one). This however was not a Unimog, it was a brand I’ve never heard of.  I am so glad I drove over to look at this beast.


Hermann and Martina are traveling across the US currently but seem to already have a lot of miles under their belt. You can see by the map they have really put the miles on their Steyr truck!


They started their North America expedition in Canada. They don’t have an updated map of their progress so I don’t want to share something and it be out of date but I’m sure they are working on it.

He had this Steyr Built for their needs. It has all the on board essentials you could want; roof lined with solar panels so he rarely uses a generator. On board hot water and potable water tanks. Full kitchen, bed, and bathroom. When I asked why he didn’t go with a Unimog he told me the cabs aren’t as big as they are in the Steyr, he felt confined while driving and the price was a little cheaper. fter telling him I had never heard of a Steyr before, his wife was showing me images they took of the US military using them on base. Wow, I really had no idea!

I would have really liked to have a pic of the tank sitting next to their monster but unfortunately I wasn’t driving it on this day.

I wish them both safe travels and to have fun doing it! Maybe we’ll meet again!
For more information on their build or their travels please check out their blog:

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