Slate/Copper Modern Herb Grinder w/ container *LIMITED EDITION*

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Estimated Lead Time: 1 days*.

Not only does this grinder glimmer on the outside, but the inside has a sheen of its own. Please note, since these are hand made, the gold pattern on the inside will vary from grinder to grinder.

This modern herb grinder was designed with a touch of modern, and a touch of class.
Finally, a grinder you can leave on your coffee table.

This herb grinder is made to look like an expensive piece of marble decor while keeping the price low, and the contents hidden. It also includes a non stick, FDA approved food safe coating on the bowl make cleaning and storage easier.

It’s unique tooth design is guaranteed to be your favorite grind. Not only does it even cut up your lovely herb of choice, but it also helps separate the stems and seeds.

There’s a built in herb container that automatically stores your ground goods! Super strong neodymium magnets ensure this herb grinder stays together when not in use.
The removable plate allows for easy cleaning and gathering of your herbs.

On a scale 1-10 of grinding course-ness with 1 being fine, and 10 being a more course grind for the herb this would be at ~4. Want a more course grind? Pick Up a Spare Plate

– Hours of engineering and testing of grind teeth
– Built-in Funnel
– Easy to Remove plate hides container
– FDA approved Food-grade coating helps ensure no sticking of herbs to the bowl
– Food grade plastic but made to be chemical resistant to assist with cleaning
– High temp material
– 4 strong neodymium magnets to keep it together
– Discreet packaging


If only if had a keef compartment… here you are!

These are made for every order, specifically for you. I guarantee this will be your favorite grinder for years to come

2.9 oz
Plate Color

White, Black, Blue, Onyx

4 reviews for Slate/Copper Modern Herb Grinder w/ container *LIMITED EDITION*

  1. Heidi (verified owner)

    Clean and sleek! My new favorite grinder

  2. R

    Rodney Gawley (verified owner)

    Extremely light and grinds up material quickly. It also is extremely well made and looks good e1nough to leave sitting out.

  3. N

    Nick Copeland

    This is a unique design. First, it’s freaking beautiful, it feels very
    durable and high quality but lightweight. The grind is super fluid and
    unbelievably smooth. It handles about 2-3g of dense materials in a
    single use and effort is amazing minimal. I only wish it was higher
    capacity! I am extremely satisfied with the product. If you want a
    slick gorgeous uniquely designed grinder sure to start a conversation,
    this is for you!

  4. V

    Viktor Meyer (verified owner)

    Copy & paste from my IG DM after I discovered that there is a review area

    After 3 weeks in Frankfurt at customs (i hate those fuckers) and another 20bucks for Import Fee and because our postal service loves to grab money everywhere they can, I finally got to lay hands on it. So what would a stoner do on a free but rainy day after he got his new herb mill?
    Exactly, go to work because a colleague got sick.
    when I got home, i tried it and I was mesmerized : the resin inside looks like on the pictures, with a similar sparkle and its colours match perfectly. I love how it really grinds my little green pieces of happiness into a not-too-coarse mass instead of cutting. I even think, my Joints now burn better than before! Shortly afterwards, I went with some friends on a little mushroom trip and besides of my watch, this was my “omg I’m absolutely fascinated by this” thing, way better than the jenga tower they were building😂 i also think i got one of my buddies to order the Dragonball Z grinder as he was up and away when I told him about it 😂 so when someone from this little town near Munich orders something, you know why 😝
    I absolutely love the grinding speed – even with a new regular metal grinder, the herb tends to stick between those little nails and either does not get grinded enough.

    Overall : crystal-clear a 10/10. Design’s awesome, it does what it should do and looks pretty decent if I forget it in my room 😂 worth the money i spent, thank you for this amazing piece of work!
    If you ever happen to visit Munich, the Joints and Spezi are on me

    Regards Viktor

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