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Texting and driving is dangerous. Eating and driving is just as dangerous, especially when you’re trying to dip those fantastic fries that you were convinced you needed a large of, or those chicken(so they want us to believe) nuggets that taste so good in BBQ sauce. How can you make dipping and driving easier? A car vent sauce holder.

Now you can be safer while dipping and driving thanks to the air vent sauce holder AND have the coolest car accessory! The Sauce Buddy clips into your car vent and holds most standard sauce container sizes such as McDonalds, Burger King, etc. The adjustable version allows for larger containers(such as Chick-fil-A), the larger ketchup dippers/squeezers, and can still hold what the standard does.

The Sauce Buddy DipClip was the original car vent clip in dip holder for sale and is made in America.
Your order will include 1 clip that will together and back apart for easy storage. It features a “safety catch” so ensure Sauce Buddy doesn’t go anywhere if you needed to come to an abrupt stop!

Sauce Buddy is made out of biodegradable PLA which is known to warp under higher heat conditions. Don’t leave it in your air vent while you’re away from your car or use with heat on high!
If you need a more heat resistant solution, please choose the H+ option.


Blue, Black, Red, Green, Gray, Yellow, Clear, Pink, White, Translucent Blue, Translucent Orange


No, Yes


Standard, Large(Adjustable)

9 reviews for Sauce Buddy Dip Clip car sauce holder

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    Crystal T.


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    Kalena T.


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    Jessica C.

    Love this concept! Giving it to my husband as a gift. Very well made!

  4. L

    Letica G.


  5. C

    Christina R.

    Took a little longer than expected to get it shipped but I am very excited to give this as a Christmas gift.

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    Bren F.


  7. C

    Cathy S.

    My daughter is going to be so happy when she opens this on Christmas!

  8. A


    There were issues with the initial order but the seller was responsive and helpful.

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    Christy G.


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