PAX 2 & Pax 3 Funnel & Packer

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Estimated Lead Time: 5 days*.

This PAX 2 funnel also works for a PAX 3 and includes a packing tool! No longer will you have to worry about meticulously putting your materials in your PAX. This funnel and packing tool will make packing your PAX 2 or PAX 3 seamless! It perfectly fits inside the PAX and the packer ensures you get the greatest pack of your PAX’s life!

Optional FDA approved food-grade coating on all colors at an additional fee and a few days longer production time.

-Funnel fits both PAX2 and PAX3
-Most 2″ grinders perfectly fit in the funnel(the mini puck is PERFECT)
-Packing tool included to give that perfect pack that is so hard to achieve
-Both tools come in the same color
-Add-on coating helps ensure no sticking of herbs 🙂

Props to gruppler for his awesome funnel design!


Make sure you don’t scratch up your PAX with another great PAXcessory of ours.. a beautiful case!

3 oz

Black, Translucent Onyx, Vertigo Gray, Galaxy Moonstone, Translucent Orange, Translucent Red, White, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow

Food Grade Coating

Yes, No

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  1. G

    Gleb Sych

    Quick and informative responses to questions, awesome product, and I also got a free gift! Highly recommended.

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