Modern Herb Grinder Marble w/ container

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The redefine herb grinder was designed with a touch of modern, and a touch of class.
Finally, a grinder you can leave on your coffee table.

This herb grinder is made to look like an expensive piece of decor while keeping the price low, and the contents hidden. It also includes an FDA approved non stick food safe coating on the bowl make cleaning and storage easier.

Our unique “grinding” tooth design is guaranteed to be your favorite grind. Not only does it even cut up your lovely herb of choice, but it also helps separate the stems and seeds. There’s a built in herb container that automatically stores your ground materials. Super strong neodymium magnets ensure this herb grinder stays together when not in use.
The removable grind plate allows for easy cleaning and gathering of your material.

On the HighLux Grind Scale 1-10 with 1 being fine, and 10 being a more coarse grind for this would be ~4. Want a different consistency grind for vaporizers or rollers?  Pick Up a Spare Plate

– Built-in Funnel
– Easy-to-Remove plate hides container
– High chemical resistance and food safe material
– 4 Magnets to keep it together
– FDA Approved coating helps ensure ease of cleaning and no sticking of herbs to the bowl
– Cleaning Kit included

Keef lover? You need our  keef and scoop upgrade!

7 oz
4 × 4 × 5 in

Marble w/ Copper Stripe, Marble w/ Slate Stripe, Marble w/ Rose Gold Stripe, Slate w/ Marble Stripe, Slate w/ Rose Gold Stripe, White w/ Copper Stripe, White w/ Slate Stripe, White w/ Rose Gold Stripe

Plate Color

White, Black, Blue, Onyx

6 reviews for Modern Herb Grinder Marble w/ container

  1. A


    I have had this grinder for a little over a month now and it is legitimately the best one I’ve ever had. With consistent use it doesn’t get ‘gummed up’ or hard to twist. It fits really comfortably in my hands and looks clean and nice. It’s easy to clean out and oddly satisfying to use (seriously, it fits together perfectly and the magnets shift it closed with the best ‘snick’ sound- it just feels oddly nice). I couldn’t be happier.

    On top of that customer service here is excellent- every message was returned quickly with a great amount of information. The whole process was transparent, easy, and pleasant. I’ll be coming back.

  2. C

    Chase (verified owner)

    The product itself is awesome! super light, grinds herb perfectly, cleans up easy. everything you want in a grinder plus its BEAUTIFUL! Definitely recommend

  3. g

    gillius (verified owner)

    Almost too good to use…thanks

  4. R

    Rob Edwards

    I previously made a review on the grinder that i received, and i wanted to add to that review.

    After a week of owning this grinder i can safely say this is the best grinder i have ever owned, it grinds so much better than the standard grinders (with teeth), I believe the grind plate i got with my order is no 4, and this grinds you stuff nice and fine.

    Because the way its made its so easy to clean, a stiff brush does a good job.

    Also i had a problem with my order (i selected the wrong shipping rate and cost), but after a email to Cody this was sorted out quickly and a refund for the difference was added back to my paypal account.

    Thanks alot.

  5. J

    Joshy D

    Beautiful grinder with awesome functionality and it’s light weight

    If you are like me and you drop your grinder don’t fret this one held together like a champ with it’s strong magnets

  6. N


    Perfect consistent grind. Really strong magnets, feels really good to use. Defiantly worth buying.

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