Magnetic Keef Screen & Scoop Add-on

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Estimated Lead Time: 1 days*.

By popular request, here are the keef screen add ons! Don’t lose the beauty of your grinder because this is a purely internal upgrade!

What could make the perfect grinder a little more perfect? If only there were some simple way you could separate any dust or pollen that may fall while grinding away. Here’s the solution! Choose your screen mesh and color and soon be a master sifter and twister(heh).

The magnetic screen sits comfortably inside the bottom of both versions of the Modern Herb Grinders. Included is a scoop that is also magnetized(see a trend here?) that doubles as a lovely herb scoop and screen removal tool.

Afraid of losing it? Don’t worry – it will stick to the grinder’s magnet while you’re handling your herb.
If you do lose it, any magnet or light tapping will remove the screen. This doesn’t mean your pollen will go anywhere if you drop the grinder assembled. While fully assembled everything is held in place.

You can choose from 3 mesh sizes. This may change in the future but I wanted to at least offer.

  • Fine
  • Medium
  • Coarse – *Pictured – choose  this if unsure

**Please note: some configurations will have a more snug fit than others. This is because every grinder is unique since it’s made specifically for you. It will still function the same no matter what.

Wanted to change your plate monthly? Maybe you like to keep things fresh with your new grinder?
I’m putting together a monthly subscription service that would include a new plate every month at a discounted price. Reach out for more info


2 oz
2 × 2 × 1 in

Fine, Medium, Coarse

1 review for Magnetic Keef Screen & Scoop Add-on

  1. N

    Nick Copeland

    The kief screen does not attach anyhow so it comes out when I dump the
    grinder. I wish it snapped onto a rim with a small recessed kief
    chamber below it.

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