Glowing Capsule Corp Stash Containers (Limited Edition 61)

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Estimated Lead Time: 7 days*.


Only 5 will be available 11/26/2018. After that, these will no longer be produced!

Same great features as the standard Capsule Corp Stash Containers! These also GLOW and include a special stand sporting the Capsule Number, what this particular capsule holds in the Dragon Ball series(in this case 61 is an Airplane so you know when you open your capsule you’re about to fly high), along with the Capsule Corp logo.

Limit one per customer


We’ve partnered up with Capsule Corp to be able to bring you these Capsule Stash Containers as an Improper Engineering exclusive! You can hide all kinds of stuff in here but Capsule Corp wouldn’t share their formula for fitting vehicles and other large items.

These aren’t just printed capsules, these are over-engineered container capsules!
The inside is coated with a food-safe anti-stick coating that helps to keep your hidden treasure safe from water and other debris and ensure nothing gets stuck inside. The lid includes an o-ring seal on the cap to further help with keeping your items contained.. including the scent.

These are the perfect companion to my Dragonball herb grinders!

A simple upright stand is included to assist with both displaying your capsule, and to provide another set of hands while filling the capsule.


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