Glow EL Light Up Mask

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You’re sure to stand out anywhere you go with this light up EL mask!

Estimated Lead Time: 4 days*.

This incredibly unique and exclusive light up mask is really one of a kind!
Unlike some of the others available online the mask is fully 3d printed so you know you’re getting a unique mask that your friends wont have. This means it’s not mass produced and is made right here in America for each and every order.

You’re sure to stand out at your next event with your hand made mask. You’ll get everyone’s attention at parties, raves, halloween events, theaters, festivals, cosplay, streets, ultra, burning man, EDC, EDM, coachella, electric forest, bonaroo, concerts, and even some dreams 🙂
Since these are hand made, custom designs and modifications are available including multiple colors, mask designs, add ons(see the last image with white along the mouth line), etc. Message me if you’re interested in any of these.

The mask is constructed of high quality 3D printed plastic. It’s much more durable and stout compared to a mass made mask and also gives a real mysterious look. It has a low-poly look to it(think Porygon, the pokemon).
The glow is from EL wire NOT LED as most LEDs won’t give a long, consistent glow. Since it is EL wire the control box may put off a slight high pitched whine which is common with CCFL’s and EL wire – don’t worry with a little background noise you’ll never hear it. The rave mask itself is water resistant, but the battery pack is NOT so please try and keep it away from water. It runs on 2 AA batteries(not included) and can last anywhere from 8-24 hours of continuous use depending on the color, batteries, etc. The battery pack has a long lead on it as well as a clip for easy attaching.
The standard glow wire has 3 glow modes; Steady On, Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe.
The Flow options are a dimmer glow, but offer 3 modes; Flow Direction 1, Flow Direction 2, and steady on. There is an additional turn wheel to adjust the speed of the flow.
Nose and mouth holes are sized well enough you can breath with no issues and you can still speak and have people understand you – crazy concept with masks for this to be an issue for some reason. The band is made out of headband elastic strapping that can be adjusted and can easily be replaced if needed. It’s very comfortable and be worn for hours on end – I’ve done it for photo shoots. The band also ensures you can move around pretty energetic without it falling off.
Inner mask width from strap hole to strap hole is about 5.3″. The mask easily flexes and can be heated up and manipulated if needed. If you’re not comfortable with that message me first and I can resize it accordingly!


Most of the colors are pretty straightforward but for the few that are “out there” I’ve attached an image to show off what makes them special.

11 oz
8 × 6 × 5 in
Mask Color

Black, White, Midnight, Translucent Onyx, Vertigo Gray, Galaxy Moonstone, Translucent Orange, Translucent Red, Custom(contact first)

Glow Color

Blue, Aqua, Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Pink, White, Flowing Blue, Flowing Red, Flowing Green

32 reviews for Glow EL Light Up Mask

  1. D


    Mask color black-Wire color red. I love this mask, it’s even better looking in person and very well made. I’m so so glad I purchased this item. Thanks again.

  2. S

    Shay Nartker

    Build is super solid and customer service was spot on. They found a crack in the one they were going to ship me and remade a new one. Fits well and is a lot of fun to photograph. Worth the $30.

  3. L

    Loren Smith

    Great quality and looks amazing!

  4. K

    Kaylie Craven

  5. K

    Kaylie Craven

  6. M


    One word: WoW!!! 🙂

    My mask (Translucent Onyx w/ Purple Glow) and, seriously, it’s freakin' amazing!

    The Low-poly style is simply awesome, looks much better than some generic plastic mask with EL wire “sewn in”. Each facets of the mask reflects light in interestings ways. The glow is bright enough to be seen during the day but, of course, it truly shine at night… And oh boy, does it glow!

    The mask itself is very thin and lightweight, yet sturdy and durable, plus it’s very comfortable to wear with good visibility through the eyes. Both the 3D Print quality and craftsmanship are top notch. Very impressive build quality… In fact, it exceeded my expectations, especially given the price.

    Customer service was also very helpful and friendly.


    PS: A friend commented “Wow, it look almost scary!” 😛

  7. M


    There were some problems.. But I had a conversation with the customer and he's a great and friendly guy 😀 something went wrong on the post office ? So they arrived not a weak after we talke and the masks are freaking awesome dude! Nice work there and thanks for texting me about the problem..?✌Keep on doing man?✌

  8. D

    Daniel Galaz

    This mask is pretty dope. I received the package on time. I was communicating with Cody in regards to the tracking and he fixed a small issue right away. As soon as I opened it from the box I was pretty amazed on the detail of this mask and how well it was made. What I noticed that was pretty damn impressive was how tight the LED strings or whatever you call them where tightly wrapped with the mask. Pretty good quality if you ask me. The only drawback I have is that this mask is pretty tight on the sides of your face where your cheekbones would be. I don't know, maybe I have a weird face or something. I did mention to Cody that I will be hitting him up to make like a custom mask that fits my face. But that won't be for the next couple of months.

  9. U

    UID Films

    Incredible!!!!!!! Love love love it

  10. b

    ben chadwick (verified owner)

    insaneley good. got it for halloween. really nice quality

  11. Z


    It arrived finally, im so excited to be able to use it, it looks fantastic!! Thankyouso much for such a fantastic product! 🙂

  12. K

    Khalid al tamimi

    Amazing product. great quality. Looks exactly like the pic.

  13. C

    Carlos Santos

    It fits great and it works just as I thought it would, looks great too, just a quality item!

  14. M

    Matt Pifer

    I love this mask, and Cody is top notch! Very accommodating, and good communication thru the whole process. Recommend anytime!

  15. A

    American Contractors

    I love the mask looks awsome only issue which comes with all these types of lights is the little.buzzing noise when the lights are on but isnt an issue at all towards the item it just how it is with the lights…if anyone knows an alternative to the noise great but awsome item

  16. N

    New Jacks

    The quality of this item is amazing. The photos definitely don't do it justice! You know when you pick up something that is just high quality and hold it in your hands and this product was absolutely phenomenal! Supremely happy with it!

  17. A

    Andie Crenshaw

    The mask is really well made and it looks wonderful. It’s the perfect mask for Halloween!

  18. R


  19. O


    Had a delay in getting my mask but it got here by the time I needed it and it's gorgeous! Looks very high quality. Worth the wait 🙂

  20. L


    Great communication with seller. i love the low poly design of mask. i choose this over the other similar basic purge masks out there. shipping was great. i chose to pay a little extra for shipping to ensure it made it for office costume party though. will def buy more stuff from again. especially custom stuff!

  21. T

    Tiana Wheeler

  22. M

    MJ Watkins

    The mask was perfect–beyond even my best expectations! Moreover, Cody was awesome and worked with me on meeting a tight turnaround and upgraded (overnight) shipping. It was the perfect final touch to my costume and received a multitude of compliments!

    If I could give more than 5-stars, I would!

  23. M

    Maritza Gallardo

    Came out great!! My friends got the same mask but from a different seller and they could barely breathe in there’s. This one however, I could literally keep on the whole night!

  24. S

    Samanthas Hats


    Amazing service, Amazing quality and simply AMAZING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE.

    Highly recommend!!

  25. Z

    Zak Davis

    This is just amazing if ur thinking of getting one then do

  26. S


  27. S


    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  28. J

    Juan Garcia

    Great mask, and great customer service!!

  29. S


    Nice strong design, helpful staff. Thank you!

  30. C

    Cody C

    looks so sick, feels very high quality too! Thank you! ??

  31. A

    Austin Magnus

    Wow, these masks are freaking awesome! Amazing quality, fast shipping, and the ordering process along with the progress tracker as its being created is a really nice touch. I’m looking forward to wearing it this Halloween and for many more events to come. You can tell it will last. If you’re even thinking about buying one of these masks, do it! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  32. S


    Absolutely amazing. This is exactly what my son was looking for to be for Halloween this year. It looks amazing, fits him superbly and to top it all off the customer service was awesome. Answered every question I had. Keep up the amazing work.

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