Dragon Ball Herb Grinder v3

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Estimated Lead Time: 7 days*.

What’s your wish? Have you collected all the Dragon Balls as Goku did to be able to make that wish?
You can start here!

“The Dragon Balls were intended to be a thing of extraordinary magic and power, something to be revered, not for the ease of their method, but for the dream of never having to use them.”

Our Dragon Ball grinder is made out of recycled products and was designed from the ground up!
It’s sure to be a great chatting piece among you and your friends – both with fans and non fans alike!
Every grinder is unique as they are made to order. V3 uses my new toothless design(shoutout to Max!) to ensure you won’t break off plastic into your herb – no one wants that! Normally grinds fine, but I’ve included 2 different adapter plates for those who want a more course grounded herb.
No need for that mortar and pestle! All of your favorite kitchen herbs(among others) can be ground up while building up your ki!

▂▅▇█▓▒░ [———————————————-]░▒▓█▇▅▂

– Can be used for any herb! I use mine for tea personally.
– Hours of testing – literally
– 2.75 inches wide – perfect fit in your hand
– Easy to turn and grind away 🙂
– Adjustable grind or fine to coarse grinds
– Food grade plastic but made to be chemical resistant to assist with cleaning
– High temp material
– Magnetized to stay together
– Includes stand to prevent it from rolling away on display

v3 Changes:
– Toothless grinder inserts
– Bigger to hold more and be more comfortable
– Easier turning
– Power level over 9,000
– Stand included
– Cleaning brushes included

v2 Changes:
– Magnet
– Modified tooth design to be stronger

*Looking for a custom grinder/design? Let me know!

This is NOT official merchandise. All rights belong to the rightful owners. All characters, items, images and designs used are not what is being purchased. You’re paying for labor, services, and materials. Items are NOT a licensed product. Items are for personal use only and cannot be resold in any way, shape or form. We do not claim ownership of any characters portrayed in the item and still belong to their respective copyright owners.

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2.5 × 2.5 × 1 in

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26 reviews for Dragon Ball Herb Grinder v3

  1. C

    Courtney Collins

    Awesome product! Awesome seller! My first buy on Etsy and it was a great one.

  2. M

    Mataya Ward

  3. M

    Melissa Brewer

    Product is great and the shop owner stayed in contact the whole time. Would definitely recommend.

  4. k


    Pretty nice grinder im very satisfied

  5. L

    Larissa Rodriguez

    I just received this today and I am in love with it! I just ordered another for a friend! I can’t wait for him to see it!

  6. J

    Jenna Kilpatrick

    It's a great size and works well. My husband loved his Christmas gift!

  7. K

    Kelly Anton

    Did not receive my item until today, 12/26. It was supposed to ship out 12/15 for delivery BY Christmas. Since the item was late, I ended up having to purchase another gift because my friend was only in town for the weekend. This purchase was a complete waste of my money since I will not be able to send the gift to my friend. I spoke with the shop owner and he admitted he couldn't keep up with the orders he received, saying he couldn't do much about it and was trying to get through as many a day as he could but there would be many delayed orders. In my opinion, that's just not acceptable. The item didn't ship until 12/21 and it is solely the shops fault that it hadn't arrived on time. There were no shipping issues. A shop shouldn't make a guarantee for delivery by a specific date unless they are certain they can follow through.

  8. K

    Kimberly Kane

  9. C

    Chelaice Wymore-Maloney

    Absolutley awful. Doesn't twist at all. Almost impossible to pull apart.

  10. T

    Tara Schy

    Bought it as a gift for my husband who is a Dragon Ball fan. He loves it and says its easy to use and works great.

  11. m

    madison hunt

    Very unique and cool product and super nice seller! The shop is small so your order may take a while. I ordered a Dragon Ball Grinder for my boyfriend for Christmas on Dec 12 but I did not receive it until Jan 13. The seller was nice enough to double orders, like mine, that were expected to ship prior to Christmas.

  12. E

    Elise Q

    Hell yes, I love it!

  13. M

    Marissa Evigas

    Decent product. Took way too long to receive. Not bad altogether.

  14. z


  15. e


    just received my item today after ordering it around late jan. and the item was nothing like the pictures shown. bought this as a valentine’s day gift for my s/o and was really embarrassed to give him something made very poorly. so sad, had really high hopes.

  16. n


    I had trouble with this order, issue was resolved but I was promised a deal and the seller never went through with it. Unreliable.

  17. L

    Lexi Patterson

  18. p


  19. L

    Luna Snow

    Ordered jun 12th. Still haven’t recieved it. It’s been sitting “preshipped” since the 20th.

  20. E

    Elisa Pizza

  21. R


  22. N


    Super cute. Good communication with the seller.

  23. A

    Alizaa W

  24. M


    The item is beautiful and the customer service was great!

  25. J

    Joe Rainey

    Best god damn customer service I have received in a long time. Product is fantastic looking and works amazing.

  26. K

    Karsyn Coxie

    It was a gift for a friend and he loved it!! Called me immediately and talked about how cool it was!!

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