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That’s a good question. How about an update?


Really, I’m in an odd place right now. More mentally than anything. 2017 so far has been a let down, but before you stop reading, this isn’t a pity post by any means – I ain’t about that life. This is an update post.

When 2017 started, I was ready to hit the ground running. Hard. Kick ass in every possible way and accomplish so many things. It wasn’t like that at all though. It hasn’t exactly been the year of success that I was looking for. That’s hard for me to say because I’m a very prideful guy and have never failed or backed down from anything.
Don’t get me wrong, some cool things have happened this year but not big enough. Yet.

I have gotten more involved with 3d printing even though I sort of let my YouTube channel die. I’m constantly coming up with new ways to fix(or break) common tasks because of 3d pritning. It has also given me a nice income through Etsy and other online avenues. I was lucky enough to hop on the spinner craze before it got so annoying you couldn’t use the bathroom without a spinner vending machine being on the wall. I’ve also taken more of the “maker” mindset. I’ve always been one to make it rather than buy it, but more so this year than anything. I’m constantly battling stress so I’m always looking for a new avenue to escape that stress for a little bit.

I haven’t been able to work on the tank either and that bothers me. I’ve put so much blood, sweat, and cuss words into it over the years but the last 3 years I’ve barely touched it. Time. Money. Everything seems to give me a new excuse not to. Don’t get me wrong, I miss it so bad. I miss the days of staying up all night in my parents garage with the wood stove burning away while I’m grinding, or welding, or whatever.

Over the last few years I’ve lost a lot of good family and have let friendships fade away. Some were needed; I believe a purge is good every now and then and everything happens for a reason. I do often find myself reminiscing on the past though. Probably way more than I should but deep down I believe it’s a temporary stress relief or escape for myself and that’s the reason. I’ve always enjoyed spending time with my Mother and Step Father more and more. If there’s anyone left in the world I would want to be more like it’s probably him and I’ve just soaked up any second I get to spend with him and my Mother. If you get anything out of this let it be this; Spend time with your loved ones. Even if it’s just running errands. With all that said, I’ve made more trips to Kentucky this year to visit than I have in the last 4 years.

Got a motorcycle. It was brand new with only 2 miles on it. As it currently sits it has 3800. Not bad for a few months old and it has already seen 5 states.

I’ve also moved into a house. My boss bought Pacman Jones’ old estate in Franklin. It’s 3 houses sitting on 30 acres with a nice horse barn. This was a huge turning point for me.. after all it’s what I grew upon doing – farm work. We got a couple horses to house there, a tractor, some tows, and I was primarily the one taking care of everything. The plan was to build my house on the backside of the property but in the mean time a smaller house literally less than a minute down the road went up for lease. The house isn’t ideal though. It’s old and the maintenance that was done by previous owners was not done properly. If I was going to purchase the house it would be best to just tear the whole thing down and start fresh.. but the location is completely ideal so I can handle it. It also has a 2 car garage on it, so I’ve got a place to work on my bigger projects whenever I’m able to start them again. It’s also so much better than living in a hotel which I did for over half of this year.

I was able to talk my best friend into moving down here with me when I got the house. Not going to lie it has been a blast and he’s got a beautiful husky named Loki so now Arya has a playmate.

I think this covered the gist of updates.


So what’s on the road ahead?

I don’t really know.

I want to get back into doing Twitch and YouTube videos for sure. I enjoy those and editing them for the most part. Plus I have a ton of projects to upload on here of things I’ve been working on. I recently started gaming again so I’m starting to stream more on twitch – which if you’re not subbed over there go on and subscribe and give me some company while I game.

Wheeling has got to happen again soon.

More traveling.

More camping.

More projects.

More nonsense.

Just doing things that make me happy. There has been way too much BS in 2017 and I’m done dealing with it all. Stress is one of the most unhealthy things for you and it 100% has taken a toll on me mentally and physically this year.

And finally, MORE BLOG UPDATES! Even if there’s only a few of you that read these it is a good place to clear my head and document the ridiculous stuff I tend to get myself in to… like that time a few months ago that I buried an excavator in the mud or found a water hole that attempted to swallow the whole machine – talk about a pucker moment.


So, Ladies and Gents, that’s all I have for this post. I do have a lot of projects write up about so look forward to that.
Have a great evening, everyone.

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