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First I’d like to point out how genuine Josh, Kyle, and I all are in that picture. I can count on my hands the amount of pics taken of myself that captured something raw, let alone everyone in the pic.

I’m at an odd point in life. I’m finding joy in the most simplest of things and yet the most outlandish circumstances.
Have you ever been genuinely overjoyed for someone you care about? I’m not talking about a significant other, I’m talking about a friend, relative, or even stranger now that I’m thinking about it.

Here as of lately I’m finding more and more to be thankful for. I’m making myself find more positives than negatives in my daily routine. I’m closer to the people I surround myself with on a weekly basis and I’ve come to a (what should be) obvious realization that there’s no way I could have progressed or even be where I could be had it not been for these people. I can stand back and and tell a story about a breakthrough [insert name here] helped me achieve had or how a normal statement they made flipped a switch in my head and made me see something a completely different way.

I’m finding myself unintentionally indulged in the stories that people are sharing with me. Even about their daily reactions, I’m over intrigued about what they have going on in their life and what they are involved in. This selflessness has been a new journey for me – way more than it was in my younger years. I like sitting back and see how my friends are handling situations around them. Have you ever watched people around you grow with you? It’s incredible.

I realize this journey I’m on isn’t only about myself. It’s about the ones around me, the ones who rely on me. The ones who care about me, and talk about me. This push to move forward and better myself isn’t only bettering myself but bettering the ones around me.
When I fail and fall down, it’s not my own strength that gets me back up. It’s not my own power that I stand myself back up with, it’s the fact of everyone trusting me to succeed that helps me back up. It’s my friends that are cheering me on that fuel my fire to stand up and keep pushing through. It’s my little sister wanting to spend time with her brother. It’s my mother and step father hoping and praying for me every single day. It’s my dad standing by my sisters side helping her become an intelligent and beautiful girl. It’s my best friend looking to me for strength through his own battles.

I’m not fighting for myself. I’m bearing the hope for everyone else, too.

I can’t leave out God in this mix either, whatever that may be or mean. I don’t know what this year holds for everything but I know without a doubt everything is happening for a reason. This is going to be a year that defines more of myself than ever before.

Progression in the ones I care about means more to me than my own. Don’t get me wrong – I know my progression realistically is equally important. But seeing people around me having their own wins and breakthroughs and doors just open in their life…. the power behind that could be in a post of its own(oh, I’m already here sort of). Not only do we all lift each other up, but their existence alone gives me strength. Knowing I’ve met them and the memories we’ve made.. the joy that has been enclosing around me is feeding off the things happening to people I care about. There’s certain people I’m connecting with on a completely different level and let me tell you it’s exhilarating fighting side by side with them. I can’t even begin to really put into words what I’m trying to get across but here lately I’ve had the most incredible afterglow of being on cloud 9 consistently. I’m overwhelmed with love and compassion brought on by this and it’s almost as if I’m reliving the feeling of a happy ending in a Disney movie over and over.

Sometimes I stop and think about where I was this time last year and it’s the most unfamiliar recollection. Almost as if I’m reliving someone else’s story. It’s hard to believe the amelioration that my heart, soul, and mind has fought so hard for over the last few months.
Sorry most of my posts as of lately have been emotionally related, this has just been a very characterizing past couple of months. No, years.


Hold fast, the ride is just getting good.
Stay frosty everyone, you’re all pretty cool in my book.

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