Etsy Store Launched!

I finally broke down and decided it was time to try and bring in some cash with my 3d printed adventures. So what does every maker, fabricator, designer, etc, do?
Create an Etsy store.

My store consists of random things I’ve made – all my own designs unless otherwise mentioned.

Some Updates!

Dog Bowl Holder

Remember my post on this? Well I’m now selling these on my store! These make the feeding and drinking bowls at ~8″ off the ground.

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EDC Fidget Spinners

Everyone seems to be selling fidget spinners! I took a spin(no pun intended) and designed my own version of the 4 bearing EDC Fidget Spinners. PS, I carry one every day!

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Babe Cards

You’re a babe! These started as a joke for a video idea I had and just never followed through. Like pickup lines? How about a pickup cards?

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Dragon Ball Herb Grinder

Now before everyone gets their panties in a bunch over this one, I use mine for tea leaves. These style grinders were originally made for something else(aye Cheech and Chong!) but turns out they are fantastic for.. well everything that needs to be broken up. I will soon be doing a post dedicated to these.

It’s pretty cool when @Goku on Twitter tweets about your product. 

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Help support my nonsense! You can visit my whole store and see my other items available by clicking below!