Cody Thierauf

Web Developer. Maker. Entrepreneur. Marketer.

Nice to meet you!

If you’re here for nonsense, you’re likely in the right place and we should be friends.
I’m a 28 year old self taught at everything guy living in Northern Kentucky(for now) along with my 5 year old wolfdog, Arya.

I’ve done a variety of things over the years but the easiest way to describe me is an engineering entrepreneur. As an 8 year old boy, I sold my first website(which continued the rest of my life) and was running an online forum. In grade school I used to sell anything I could turn for profit; lunches at the cafeteria, hot wheel, misc toys I had lying around, even started a newsletter and sold them to fellow students and teachers. I’ve started a tshirt business after designing and building a 4 color screen printing press during middle school. I’ve been heavily involved in the offroading community where I learned how to weld and fix things(or break). I started an airsoft company called Hackview where I was the first person to ever change the reticle out on a gun sight.
See? Quite a few different categories there.
I’m currently running a Social Media Marketing agency as well as a 3D Printing company and both take up most of my time. These are my passions. These two categories are what I live and breathe for!

I’ve come to learn a lot of ins and outs of life, but every single day I’m reminded that there is still much more to learn and improve on! I started this blog as a place to keep up with my projects, life learnings, and document the random shenanigans I get myself into.

Join me on this journey as I take a no nonsense approach…………………………….(ha)…. to tackling what we call life and help support me along the way. Reach out, say hi, and enjoy the ride!
You can find links to all my social network accounts on my contact page

People Skills 80%
Eating Skills 100%
Marketing Skills 70%
Breaking Stuff Skills 98%
Skills Skills 30%