Not even 2 weeks after having my printer and I’ve already fully disassembled it and tried to figure out what I can do to change some things up. I always feel everything has room for improvement. Even the best of the best can somehow be tweaked to better fit my needs so whenever I get something I start thinking about what can be changed.

A common issue with these Prusa i3 design based printers is the stability. The x axis can be very shaky as the print head travels back and forth. The best way to fix this is what everyone calls z axis mod

Z axis mods
Z axis mods printed off

The files can be found on thingiverse and really should be the first mod you do. It printed fantastic after this and now I’m going to end up making more in additional colors.

During shipping my printer was bent. I’ve straightened it the best I could but now I need new bearings for the bed. While I wait for UPS to pay up the insurance claim I was able to do a temporary fix and print braces on the front  and rear y axis support walls. Pics will be added of this later as I’m traveling and don’t see any pics I took on my phone, weird.

My printer came with an aluminum bed as well as an extra one. I know i’ll likely never use the extra one and I’ve noticed my bed frame is bent from over adjusting to level it out. Took the extra aluminum bed and measured it up to the last one and drilled new holes. Fit perfect and it make it level great!

It’s really like a new printer. It’s printing so much better! Here’s a few of the newer things I’ve been printing