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Back with v2 of my magnetic print bed for your creality cr10 or almost any 3d printer! v1 was great, but as with anything there is room for improvement.

I also go over how to properly level your warped CR10 bed.

Enjoy the goofyness… gotta have fun while you record!

TLDW(too long didn’t watch) Key Points:
4:40 – Cutting sheet metal
5:38 – Applying PEI and Lokbuild
11:50 – Applying magets
16:38 – Fixing concave bed

– This works fine with EZABL(per David Smith in the comments)
– the sticky strips i mention in the video can also double to work for the magnets! great idea from Shane Sick in the comments.

Missed v1 of this? Fear not!

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Don’t want to tackle this yourself? Send me a message/email/tweet/pony mail/labeled rock about me sending you a bed and sheet pre-made!

Buy Stuff:


PEI Sheet:

Sheet Metal

High temp magnets(9x)

3M Double Sided Silicone Tape

Print stuff:

CR10 Adjustable z endstop

Bed Leveling wedge

Dial Mount

Flexy Rex

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