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I was going to do a write up, but I didn’t take any pics. The video covers it all!

***v2 is finally out! ***

IMO the coolest thing about the new Prusa MK3 is the removable bed so I made my own version! Join along as I make a few for my Creality CR10’s and show you how you can make your own for CHEAP – we’re talking $30-45 dollars!

Don’t want to tackle this yourself? Send me a message/email/tweet/pony mail/labeled rock about me sending you a bed and sheet pre-made!

Stuff I talked about:


Sheet Metal

Neodymium Magnets US (I recommend these)
+ UK

Rare Earth Magnets

3M Double Sided Silicone Tape

Sam W’s Plantygon Polygon Planter STL

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Song: Adventures – A Himitsu

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