Ever since I firs read about a 3D printer I knew I wanted one. The fact something can be made from nothing just blows my mind and I knew it was only a matter of time until I got one.

That was years ago but I finally splurged and picked one up.

This is a Monoprice Select i3, which is a Wanhao clone which is also based on the Prusa i3. It’s a great beginner printer!

As you can see some of the things in it are broken. UPS really treated this box like crap. I bought it used but it was a great deal and the shipper sent me pics of it packed. There was more bubble wrap than I knew what to do with so I know it wasn’t his fault, just bad treatment by UPS. I’ve already got a claim filed with them – luckily the machine was insured!

As always, pic dump!